About Us

Cloverlea Consulting is a private education consulting firm specializing in coordinating supportive services and programming aimed at maximizing educational and social emotional development for adolescents and young adults. We have a wealth of knowledge in specialized educational and therapeutic programs and services. Our team, spearheaded by founder and director Brendan O’Neil, MSW will thoroughly examine your needs and make comprehensive recommendations specific to you and your family.

In this day and age students may face a myriad of challenges, when untreated, may result in hindered development, increased social emotional stress, school failure, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and self-harm. Cloverlea Consulting has the clinical and educational expertise that is needed to offer support to families who struggle to find answers on their own. We will help to guide you to programming and services where your student can thrive. We will remain dedicated to you throughout your journey.

Time and time again we encounter families who struggle to navigate the public education IEP and behavior plan processes. Often times as families work with public schools the pace of service and attention to students is prolonged resulting in increased detriment to the child. Furthermore, home based options may not always match the complex needs of the individual. Whether you are searching for enhanced home-based supports, specialized academic programming, or therapeutic service options, we will take the steps to process every detail pertaining to educational and supportive options, evaluate, and make recommendations in order to maximize the attention and benefit for you and your child.

Cloverlea Consulting will follow and support every placement we make. There are a host of programs throughout the country and abroad that may be beneficial for your needs. We develop the relationships and on the ground know how that will serve you well.

We minimize the cost of time and stress to you ~

~by leading you to the best fit for your child.

~by supporting you through the duration of the placement.

~by providing transition plans & home stabilization support.

“After more than 20 years of work in supportive educational and therapeutic programming, having collaborated with educators and therapeutic staff, families, and educational consultants to coordinate successful treatment and promising future transitions for hundreds of students; it is my greatest pleasure to serve you as your educational consultant and provide you with reputable options that will make a difference for you and your family member.”

Cloverlea Founder Brendan O’Neil, MSW

Our Commitment to you:

Part of the responsibility of maintaining current knowledge on programs and services requires that we travel and visit programs throughout the year. Cloverlea Consulting will visit a wide variety of programs in person annually thereby assessing various models and services and keeping up to date on key staff and subsequently critical professional relationships. We will travel from coast to coast to review and evaluate firsthand each of the programs that we recommend. Furthermore, we maintain a commitment to attending a number of local and regional conferences to remain up to speed on best practices and evolving program and staffing developments.

We become a part of your team, we support you, we collaborate with providers on your behalf, and we remain dedicated to you and your family throughout your journey.

Ethical Standards

Cloverlea Consulting is a private independent educational consulting firm whose sole source of income is based on fee for service relationships with the clients we serve. We do not accept remuneration from schools, treatment programs, referring professionals, or insurance companies.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, or religious affiliations.

We respect the privacy of all parties associated with clients and do not share or disclose information without informed consent.

We maintain a commitment to an interdisciplinary process on behalf of the clients we serve.

We maintain a commitment to engaging in ongoing professional development via conferences, seminars, professional groups, etc.

We operate in solidarity with the NASW Code of Ethics:


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