Example Timeline*

These are the general steps that are involved in a typical consulting arrangement. *Depending on the urgency, our process can take place within 24 hrs.

Initial call:

Cloverlea Consulting receives contact from a family member. We share information and initial questions of inquiry. A broader description of services is offered. We agree to schedule a meeting during triage and consulting agreement period.


Family call with addition details pertaining to the issues and needs at hand. Psychoeducational details given by Cloverlea Consulting on a range of options and a potential timeline. Possible “hypothetical” options described in general terms. Consulting agreement reviewed and emailed following call. Family agrees to send documents for review.

Consulting Agreement:

Cloverlea Consulting receives agreement paperwork and family gathers and delivers educational and therapeutic documents for review.

Document Review:

Cloverlea Consulting performs document review and family is contacted with feedback and needs assessment.

Collateral Review:

Collateral service providers such as school, therapy, and former program representatives are contacted as needed.


Family call to review assessment and initial recommendations.

Program Research:

Coverlea Consulting determines program options, corresponds with specified programs, ascertains goodness of fit criteria from admissions and clinical teams at several programs of interest. Documents are shared confidentially. Calls are scheduled and completed.

Admissions Options:

Viability of program options ascertained. Family contacted for review of placement options and timeline.

Program Contacts:

Family processes with Cloverlea Consulting and is given contact information for selected programs of interest. Family contacts programs and reviews details with programs and follows up with Cloverlea Consulting. Cloverlea Consulting assists in setting up tours for programs of interest.

Program Tours:

Family and child visit selected programs (if able and necessitated). Cloverlea Consulting remains on call to review and support as family processes options.

Program Selection:

Cloverlea Consulting and family process thoughts and make a decision together. Cloverlea Consulting contacts selected program for enrollment planning.


Family prepares for enrollment date. Cloverlea Consulting assists in coordination and planning for program enrollment.

Placement Support:

Cloverlea Consulting remains in close contact with program and family, generally scheduling calls weekly for the first 2 months, biweekly for the next 2 months, and monthly for the remaining time frame. Cloverlea Consulting remains accessible for immediate needs as they arise. Cloverlea Consulting participates in periodic calls with program clinical team for ongoing support and treatment efforts.

*This timeline is a hypothetical representation of the steps taken to process information, make recommendations, support, and follow through on placement decisions.

*Specificity of diagnostic details, needs assessment, and level of urgency may expedite or extend this time frame.

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