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Many families find their way to the educational consultant doorstep by way of crisis; some small and more subtle and others more overt and pressing. Either way, what is common is the fact that the “recipe” is not working sufficiently enough to meet the needs of the individual. The art of consulting is to review the ingredients of that recipe and compose a more palatable and nutritious plan that not only feeds but nourishes the developmental needs of the individual and his/her family.

Our number one priority is to support your family and help your loved one find the right environment where he/she can thrive. We will take the steps to process every detail pertaining to the historical narrative, student strengths and challenge areas, and make recommendations in order to maximize the attention and benefit for you and your loved one.

Initial Consultation:

Call Cloverlea Consulting for an immediate review of your family’s needs. We will take the time to process with you and strategize next steps. Following the initial review by phone, we will schedule a time to meet with you and your family member in person. These steps are very beneficial to the comprehensive evaluation process.

Comprehensive Evaluation:

We will gain and review thoroughly all respective reports and evaluations that you have including neuropsychological reports*, school psychological reports, therapist reports, school reports, etc. We will contact all necessary collaterals for insight and detail.


We will review and assess with you and determine an action plan. Are home based services beneficial? Will out of home services make a difference? We will examine the status with you and make thorough recommendations giving you reputable options and support in gaining placement.

*if it is determined that neuropsychological testing is needed, we make direct referrals for you and support the entire process.


We support the process of ascertaining program placement, transition coordination, and the strategizing of comprehensive treatment and services.

Ongoing Follow Through: 

We remain connected to service providers and provide ongoing consultation to family and providers on behalf of student and family throughout the placement terms. We remain connected with the student and family through the entirety of their program and treatment trajectory.

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